21 March, 2010

Dumb things people do at gigs

I have mentioned in a another blog post People taking bags to gigs that people do dumb things at gigs. This one (and kinda the stiletto one) affects other people which is why I have mentioned it before. The bellow are just dumb for the person.

At the Pixies gig the other week I added another thing to the list of dumb things people do at gigs. This one is wearing jandals and then complaining when people accidentally step on their toes. Umm if you are wearing footware to a gig that doesn't cover and protect your foot and you want to do go into the mosh you have no right complain, period, end of story.

Hoop earrings. Well lets just say at The Rock's Twenty Birthday gig in Wellington a lady was wearing hoop earings and in the mosh people bump into each other and peoples arms get waved around. I'm sure you can figure out the rest and why it mightn't be such a good idea and I was unfortunately a couple of people along from her and saw it happen.

The last two dumb things happened at a Green Day Gig back in 2005. Boob tubes with nothing underneath yeah they become tummy tubes, so just wear a singlet or a tshirt that has something over the shoulder. The other one is stilettos firstly they hurt people when you stand on their feet even if they are wearing proper footwear, as a stiletto heel exerts more pressure per m2 than and an elephant does. Secondly they break and well must be a pain for the lady but it is kind of funny to watch them hobble away and if they have had a drink or two just generally wobble around.

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