03 April, 2010

Three strikes and you are out

One of the things that ACTA seems to what introduce is the cutting of people's internet with some type of three strikes system. But we may be getting a three strikes law before that stuck in through the back door (http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/3377967/Three-strikes-downloader-bill-welcomed). This bill is better than the infamous Section 92a Law as it goes to tribunal or court before you have the internet cut off which is a nice change. I don't condone the piracy but cutting off the internet is a little hash. A recent study by the BBC Study shows that 79% believe that the internet is now a human right. Currently I don't see any laws where people have their right to send and receive letters or make a phone call cut off if they do something that someone doesn't like. CDs and DVDs can be sent through the post or data sent through a direct phone link between two computers. So this being the case shouldn't they be clocking all ways that you could exchange data?

Cutting the internet off maybe a little harsh as it may affect people's ability to work. Stopping the internet will stop people working from home, using a VPN to remote in or just checking emails to collaborate with people from work.

Now that more people are moving over to VoIP instead of of regular phone lines. This means cutting the internet may mean that people can not call 111 and given the recent press about Telecom not being able to provide 111. The government mightn't like the look of the press the first time someone can't call because they have had there internet cut off.

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